Quell Pain Relief with Electrical Stimulation Technology

Chronic musculoskeletal pain is a problem that millions of people in the United States deal with every day. Finding ways to deal with that pain that doesn’t always involve powerful and addictive drugs is problematic. That is what the folks at Neurometrix are dealing with using their Quell pain management device.

The Podmedic chatted with Neurometrix CEO Dr. Shai Gozani about the Quell while attending the International CES 2015 conference and expo in Las Vegas. The Quell is a neurostimulator device that you wear on the calf. It works by sending small electric signals to the nerves in the leg and kind of “distracts” the brain from some or all of the pain suffered by a person.

This FDA approved device will be available in the spring 2015 and will cost around $250.00.

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