Occam’s Razor Game Teaches Doctors and Nurses

We take a look at how your doctor is learning how to diagnose diseases. Occam’s Razor is a new and innovative card game for new and existing doctors that teaches them how to diagnose patient problems.

Low Tech Game for High Tech Learning

It is true that I usually focus on high tech and new technologies that influence health care. However, we cannot afford to ignore innovation even when it is in a more conventional form of technology. Anything that makes it easier for medical students and physicians to learn their trade is an important piece of health technology.

Nerdcore Medical released this new card game to help medical students, nursing students, and health professionals practice diagnosing patients. “Occam’s Razor” features 14 different diseases, from Acute Appendicitis to Septic Arthritis, and draws on two classic philosophical principles: Occam’s razor, (“the simplest explanation is to be preferred,”) and Hickam’s dictum, (“patients can have as many diseases as they please.”)

4 Different Medical Card Games in One

The cards can be used in several different games from a Gin Rummy application to a simple solitaire version – all of which help the clinician learn to diagnose common diseases. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for the medical or nursing student in your life, you might want to pick up a copy of Occam’s Razor card game for them.

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