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Welcome to Health Tech Weekly

The Health Tech Weekly show is a program designed to bring you brief updates on ways technology (both high tech and low tech) impact your everyday lives. Specifically, each episode will focus on technology and health or fitness applications in the real world. This program will bring you the latest in gadgets and mobile apps for health and fitness as well as an occasional look at technology on the horizon, available soon.

About Host Jamie Davis, the Podmedic

Jamie Davis, RN, EMT-P, B.A., A.S., host of Health Tech Weekly is a nationally recognized medical educator who began educating new emergency responders as a training officer for his local EMS program.  As a media producer, he has been recognized for the MedicCast Podcast, a weekly program for emergency medical providers like EMTs and paramedics, and the Nursing Show, a similar program for nurses and nursing students. His programs and resources have been downloaded over 2 million times by listeners and viewers.

Jamie speaks nationally on health care, technology, and education and is an advocate for integrating podcasting and media creation in schools at all levels. He has spoken at the Podcast and New Media Expo, been a featured faculty member of the Podcast Secrets course, and has been invited to speak and MC at medical conferences and expos around the world.

Jamie is also the managing director of the ProMed Network, a collection of the best and brightest independent medical podcasters and new media creators currently available online. The network now comprises over 30 independently produced programs for medical and health care professionals at all levels. These trusted resources for high quality medical education and information reach over 500,000 downloads to medical professionals every month.

Navigating the HT Weekly Website:

Each episode of Health Tech Weekly is coupled with a shownotes entry that includes links to stories discussed as well as links to other resources you will find valuable. In addition to shownotes, the HT Weekly website offers other articles and links to news stories in a weblog format.

Weblogs (or Blogs) treat the most recent story as the most important and displays that story first on the front page. The next most recent article appears below it, and so on.

Can’t find what you are looking for? The Health Tech Weekly site is completely searchable. That means that you can look for a topic in the search box in the upper right hand corner of the site. If you don’t find what you are looking for, contact us at HT Weekly by email here. Maybe we can feature your idea in a future episode or website article.

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