Health Tech Weekly Joins GNC Ohana (Family)

GNC_LogoYou may notice that the Health Tech Weekly site looks different all of the sudden. I’m very pleased to announce that HT Weekly has joined the Ohana (family) over at Geek News Central ( Todd Cochrane has been leading the charge with the best in tech coverage for many years and he’s one of my favorite podcasters. When he says “If it’s Tech, it’s here” he means it!

Also on the Geek News Central Podcast family of shows is the New Media Show (with Todd Cochrane and Rob Greenlee), the Gadget Professor (with Don Baine), The Elder Divide (with Todd Aune), and Robot Underpants (with Baron Mat “Langley” Luschek, Eric Rice and “Starman” Michael Gaines). All of these are family-friendly, tech focused shows covering different spaces in the tech marketplace. I urge you to check out these other programs in the Geek News Central Family.

In the meantime, nothing will change here at Health Tech Weekly. I’ll still be bringing you the best and latest in health technology including the annual trip to the CES International conference and the Digital Health Pavilion there. Stay tuned for more!

Health Tech Weekly Gets Ready for CES 2014

Hi, it’s week 2 of the crowd funding opportunity. I’m Jamie Davis, the host of the Health Tech Weekly podcast and I wanted to fill you in on the progress as we are ramping up to go cover the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas again this year in January. To run the Tech Podcast Network booth there, it costs about $25,000. This year we thought you might want to help defer some of the costs and become part of the Health Tech Weekly team along the way.

TPNCESAlbumArtShowCoverage-464The funding effort is moving along and we are all excited about the response so far but there’s still a long way to go to reach our goal of $5,000 raised. You can look at the widget in the right column of this site to see the progress and visit the site or go to to get there directly. If you’re following this campaign and are wondering what our videos do, I thought you might want an example of how our programs help people buy gifts, save their money, and even stay healthier.

My show Health Tech Weekly at is all about new and upcoming technology that helps people stay and get healthy, either through new, innovative medical devices or fitness tools and apps. CES has a growing digital health pavilion that brings the latest in medical and health technology to the CES attendees. I’m really excited to get there and bring you my reports from the booths in the South Hall at CES 2014.

Health Technology at CES

As a nurse and a journalist, I was encouraged by all of the health tech items at CES 2013. Last year I saw a bunch of wearable fitness products and mobile apps that help remind people to stay fit and healthy as well as track their progress towards fitness goals. There were also several “brain training” programs for the elderly to help improve memory and slow mental decline in progressive dementia patients.

This year I expect the wearable fitness boom to continue with new products coming out from existing platforms like Fitbit as well as new sensor technology to allow these devices to detect even more about our health and well being while we’re on the go. There are also going to be more technology options looking at helping our growing elderly population keep healthy as well as get better after an injury or medical episode. I’ll be bringing that coverage to all of you right from the show floor in special video segments I shoot this coming year at CES.

All of our video interviews and product reviews from the team give folks the chance to see some of the top, most innovative consumer electronics products before they ever hit the store shelves (or the links online). This advance information gives people the chance to make some intelligent choices about the electronic devices they are buying or thinking of buying. Should you buy now or wait for the next, upcoming innovation in a product line? That’s why I do what I do — to inform people about what’s out there, especially in the health care space.

Join the CES Team!

Who else is an important part of that equation? You, yes you!  You and your support, whether you’re a financial backer or have just helped to spread the word about this crowd funding opportunity, help us to get an important job done. I love what I do and I want to thank you for your support of our initiative!

If you’re on the fence and can’t decide whether to support us yet or not, I urge you to keep coming back and checking in with our updates here at this page. And, while you’re at it, share this campaign with folks you know via social media, on Facebook, Twitter or Google+. Use the hash tags #crowdfund and #CES when you do and help us out just by spreading the word.

If you’ve made up your mind and already contributed, thanks. I look forward to thanking all of our contributors directly before, during and after CES, so stay tuned!

Here’s another video segment, showing one of my past interviews from CES to give you an example of the work I’ve done in the past, helping folks stay healthier with mobile fitness technology. Enjoy!



HT Weekly Goes to CES 2013 (Video)


Coming up in January I’ll be joining the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2013 coverage team from the Tech Podcast network for the second year, focusing on medical technology and digital health products. Together with the other tech podcast network hosts, we’ll be covering the consumer electronics show so you’ll feel as if you were there yourself!

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Last year, we streamed live from the exhibit hall during all four days of CES, interviewing vendors, technology leaders and providing commentary on the event. All the while, multiple camera teams were out combing the floors of the various exhibit halls to give you hand picked coverage of specific technology gems personally selected by your favorite TPN podcasters.

As a nurse and a paramedic, from the ProMed Network, TPN’s sister network, I bring the viewpoint of the health professional to the various medical, health and fitness devices and services presented at the show. I’ve already picked out some amazing standout health care gadgets to show to you as part of the TPN coverage and I’m going to be looking for more as I roam this huge event.

CES is a Huge Event

With more than five football fields of gadgets to comb through, we’re going to cover more ground, gathering the best gadgets and new technologies of the show, in a way you could never manage on your own. We’ll have the TPN experts on all sorts of technology there, from my health focused coverage, to home theater, photography, travel and even geocaching, the TPN team will be your one stop shop for the best from CES!

So join us and millions of fellow viewers for live coverage from CES 2013. Visit us at for the live stream and for releases after the show of our best of picks. That’s for all the live coverage and nearly 300 best of picks from our team.

And don’t forget to check out my shows for at,, and the brand new Health Tech weekly show here at You can also follow what I’m doing at CES on Twitter at  I’m Jamie Davis, the Podmedic, and I’ll be coming to you soon from CES 2013 with the rest of the Tech Podcasts team. Until then, stay safe and stay tuned here to!

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