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Healthcare Technology Gives Back the Independence Individuals Desire

There are many individuals who require healthcare consistently in their lives. With the advancements in technology, this is becoming more and more possible without the assistance of another individual. There are, of course, still cases where a caregiver is needed but there are many who still want their freedom and independence but require an extra … Continue reading Healthcare Technology Gives Back the Independence Individuals Desire

Digital Health Exhibit Sees 40 Percent Growth at 2014 International CES

The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)® today announced the 40 percent growth of the digital health footprint at the 2014 International CES®, the world’s gathering place for all who thrive on the business of consumer technologies. Produced in partnership with Living in Digital Times (LIDT), the Digital Health Summit, a market-specific TechZone focused on the intersection of technology, health and … Continue reading Digital Health Exhibit Sees 40 Percent Growth at 2014 International CES

Health Tech Weekly Gets Ready for CES 2014

Hi, it’s week 2 of the crowd funding opportunity. I’m Jamie Davis, the host of the Health Tech Weekly podcast and I wanted to fill you in on the progress as we are ramping up to go cover the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas again this year in January. To run … Continue reading Health Tech Weekly Gets Ready for CES 2014

HAPIfork on Pre-order from Kickstarter

HAPILABS, a company whose mission is to help individuals in the 21st century take control of their HAPIness, health and fitness through applications and mobile connected devices, today announced the start of their Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for the manufacturing and distribution of HAPIfork – the world’s first connected fork. Check out the Health … Continue reading HAPIfork on Pre-order from Kickstarter

HIV Medication Delivery Via Contraceptive Mesh (Video)


This week on Health Tech Weekly, I take a look at new ways medications are being delivered. Medication delivery devices are coming to a bunch of strange places including the bedroom. Researchers at the University of Washington are using electrospun fabrics to embed medicines into female condoms.

FitBit One Monitors Fitness Around the Clock (Video)


A few weeks ago I covered the misfit shine fitness monitor. This week, I look at the Fitbit One wireless fitness and sleep monitor. Yep, I said sleep monitor. The Fitbit One purports to not only monitor you daily activity but it also will monitor you sleep quality, provided you clip it onto your PJs when you hop in to bed at night.

Saliva Monitor for Diabetes Blood Glucose (Video)


On the show his week in Health Tech I look at what many consider the holy grail for diabetes glucose monitoring, a non-invasive way to check blood sugar. By non-invasive, I mean a way to check blood sugar without pricking their finger or otherwise drawing blood.

Printing Organs On 3-D Printer

We might soon have new organs printed for us on demand. Yes, Printed. You may have heard about 3-printers that create 3-D models from a computer aided design model (CAD). A new partnership is bringing together a leading bio-engineering firm and a 3-D design and software company. Check the press release below and tell me … Continue reading Printing Organs On 3-D Printer

iPhone & iPad Pulse Oximeter

Irvine, California – December 13, 2012 – In keeping with its commitment to excellence and innovation, Masimo (NASDAQ: MASI) today announced the debut of the iSpO2™ pulse oximeter cable and sensor with Measure-Through Motion and Low Perfusion Masimo SET® technology for use with iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with 30-pin connector. iSpO2™ uses the same … Continue reading iPhone & iPad Pulse Oximeter

Third World Wheel Chair Innovation (Video)


This week in Health Tech I wanted to feature a story that underlines the purpose of this program as well as what is, I believe, the underlying purpose of the health technology industry: To improve the health and lives of individuals in fundamental ways.