Diabetes Monitoring Without Drawing Blood Coming Soon


This week on the Health Tech Weekly Podcast we look at a potentially groundbreaking new technology that could affect monitoring of diabetes worldwide. One of the biggest challenges with helping people to manage their diabetes is that they have to draw some blood every time they want to check their blood sugar.

diabetes-scanner-blood-sugarThere are numerous potential technologies out there that have been put forward to create a way that gets around this requirement to draw some blood. Unfortunately none of them have really panned out.

The University of Leeds in the UK has patented and tested a new laser scanning technology that could be the solution people have been looking for. The scanner is large and bulky now in its planning and development stages but could be miniaturized with more research. It’s about the size of the desktop printer in it’s present form.

It works like this. The patient puts their finger over the small oval sensor window and holds it there for about 30 seconds. The scanner looks at the finger underlying blood supply and working with a computer algorithm determines blood sugar levels. Initial studies have it about 96.5% accurate when compared to simple blood testing.

More clinical testing is needed but this could be the holy grail of noninvasive blood glucose monitoring for diabetics around the world. I will definitely keep you up to date on developments from this new technology as they come to my attention. Stay tuned here to Health Tech Weekly for updates.


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