Pulse Oximetry Tech Innovation for Critical Care Nurses


xhale-pulse-oximetryA new oxygen sensor for use in healthcare settings is the feature this week on the Health Tech Weekly Podcast. This is a special segment on a new technology that could be coming to a hospital near you to monitor the oxygen levels in your blood. I was attending a critical care nurses conference recently in San Diego, California. While I was there doing interviews, I found the Xhale booth and did an interview there on the the new device.

John Moscarillo from Xhale was showing off his new pulse oximetry reading technology that provides much more reliable readings from the side of the nose. Nursing Show host Jamie Davis wore one of the small, unobtrusive sensors on his nose during the actual interview and found it to be comfortable and non-bothersome.

Traditional digit-based pulse oximetry presents several challenges to effectively and efficiently monitoring a patient’s parameters. Because of the distance from a patient’s heart to the fingertip or toes, a digit-based pulse oximetry sensor can result in a delay to the detection of the start of desaturation and the nadir in patients and an even longer delay in the detection of the lowest oxygen saturation point.

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