New Clotting Gel Stops Bleeding Fast


bleeding-gel-4This week on the Health Tech Weekly Podcast we look at another development to help stop severe bleeding in major traumatic injuries like those seen on the battlefield or in a serious motor vehicle accident. Researchers at Texas A&M University, Harvard University and MIT all collaborated to create a new biodegradable clotting gel that has nano-disks of specialized silicate material.

These silicate disks aid the body’s natural coagulation factors to help quickly form blood clots when a person is bleeding out. Their research was supported by the U.S. Army Research Office. While it’s still being tested, early studies of the effectiveness of the gel is very promising.

It’s especially important for those wounds where it is not easy to apply direct pressure to the wound to suppress the flow of blood like internal wounds and penetrating torso injuries. The gel can increase the body’s clotting response by up to 77%! When injected into a wound, the gel starts working instantly at the site of the bleeding without migrating to other parts of the body or having to apply pressure sealants. Since it’s difficult to see inside the wound and stop internal bleeding outside of the surgical operating room, this injectable smart substance is a potentially essential tool in treating battlefield injuries in the future.

I’ll stay on top of this and get back to you with more information and updates as they become available.


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