New Coach By Cigna 2.0 App Motivates Patients to Wellness


Coach by Cigna 1Insurance giant takes on personal wellness challenge with unique fitness and wellness mobile app. Health Tech Weekly host Jamie Davis, the Podmedic interviewed Joe Mondy from Cigna about the Coach by Cigna wellness app. Through the app, users have access to instructional videos and support from health coaches to help focus on improving in five integrated areas: nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress and weight management.  

The new app program on Google Play, uses a lateral psychology profiling tool which identifies your personality type, individual needs, preferences, and overall understanding of health issues to maximize success.  Coach by Cigna then provides daily challenges and encouragement from experts, in addition to integrated trackers to monitor progress.

The new and improved app builds on Cigna’s commitment to finding effective ways to make people achieve healthier lives through simple, intuitive technology. Coach by Cigna 2.0 is now available at no cost in the Google Play store for both Samsung Galaxy S6 and S5 devices in 15 countries in nine languages.


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