DANA Brain Vital Signs App Helps With Concussion Treatment


DANABrainApp-screenshotThis week on the Health Tech Weekly Podcast I take a look at a new app that may help health care professionals like nurses, doctors, or sports trainers assess patients with concussions after an injury to the brain. What if it were as easy to check the brain’s vital signs as it is to take a temperature or measure blood pressure? While we know that 98.6 is a normal body temperature and 120/80 is a healthy blood pressure, until now, we’ve ignored our most important vital sign – brain function.

The new DANA brain health screening app helps create a standardized tool to assess normal brain and cognitive function following an injury or stroke. It can also be used to track degenerative changes in patients with diseases like Alzheimer’s Disease. The tool is fast and easy to use with basic testing completed by the patient in just 5 minutes. There are also full spectrum tests lasting up to an hour.

The FDA has cleared the app for basic testing of traumatic brain injury or concussion and the U.S. military is using this tool to research effectiveness for assessing soldiers with blast injuries to their brain from combat operations. This is a great use of mobile app technology and I can see it being used to assess everything from sideline sports injury to the head to motor vehicle accident patients. You can find out more information about the DANA tool at DANABrainVital.com.


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