Tablet Sign Language Interpreter for Deaf and Hearing Impaired


This week on the Health Tech Weekly Podcast I found a neat item over at Medgadget that talks about a new mobile tablet app that can interpret sign language from deaf or hearing impaired people using its internal camera. That’s what mobile app software company MotionaSavvy has been working on. They’ve come up with a new technology called UNI that includes a mobile app, tablet device and a specially designed smart case.

The case has multiple cameras built in that are designed to capture the motion of hands and arms of a hearing impaired person so that their sign language can be interpreted into text and the spoken word. The built in app handles the processing and can also take spoken words and turn them into text for the hearing impaired person. The team at MotionSavvy have also made the app so it can learn from its mistakes and adapt its understanding of signs to accommodate certain dialects of sign language for different areas.

With over 370 million people worldwide with a hearing impairment, the ability for them to communicate with the hearing world around them is important. I’ll keep monitoring this innovation and bring you updates in the future as they become available. The team at MotionSavvy is also planning a home automation and living room TV based version of the UNI platform for the future. This could change the way hearing impaired persons communicate with their hearing friends, family and relatives.

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