Daysy Fertility Thermometer and Smartphone App Help You Get Pregnant


This week on the Health Tech Weekly Podcast is a tool for those couples out there who are trying to get pregnant. One way to improve the chances of getting pregnant is to have sex at certain times in the woman’s menstrual cycle. This can be tracked by carefully taking her temperature and trending the changes over time. But this is difficult for most people to do on their own.

Daysy-thermometer-1Enter Daysy, the most accurate, all-natural fertility management solution along with daysyView, a free, mobile app that can be used to augment the daysy or as a standalone tool to track ovulation cycles. Backed by the creators of Lady-Comp and supported by several clinical studies, daysy tracks ovulation cycles with an innovative thermometer that measures basal body temperature (BBT) orally.

The Daysy proprietary algorithm, developed with data from over one million cycles, uses advanced statistical methods to calculate fertility status with an accuracy of 99.3 percent. In comparison, other pregnancy planning and prevention methods, such as basic calendaring, condoms, birth control pills and intrauterine devices, average between 91 percent – 99.8 percent accuracy. The Daysy fertility thermometer is available now for sale online at or at The DaysyView app is available now for download in the iTunes app store.

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