BeZilch Puts You In The Driver’s Seat When Buy and Selling Used Phones


At the International CES Conference and Expo this past week several companies stood out with innovative products and services. BeZilch was one of them. BeZilch is a marketplace through which you can buy or sell you used phones and devices.

Imagine all the old smartphones and tablets out there that still have a useful lifespan in them but people have moved on to a new device and want to sell the old one. If you’re in the market for a new device like one being sold in the BeZilch classifieds, you can purchase it immediately.

You also have the option to put your own “wanted” classified out there with a price you’re willing to pay. You won’t get paid immediately but someone may want to quickly get rid of their device to you for an immediate payout later after you post it. This is based on a marketplace concept where you can build more demand or increase supply of devices in order to manipulate the prices for them.

Check it out at and start selling your own devices. You can also check out the interview we had with BeZilch in the Tech Podcast booth at CES and hear about the system for yourself.

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