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Click Chemistry Helps Diseases Fight Themselves


click chemistryThis week on the Health Tech Weekly Podcast we take a look at what one group of researchers at the Scripps Research Institute is doing to create solutions to problems that have long plagued some patients. They are using a technology called Click Chemistry to take molecules existing only in diseased cells and getting them to create an attraction to other chemicals rendering the causative molecules inert.

This is being tried first with a particular form of muscular dystrophy where the very rogue RNA molecules that cause the disease were used to formulate their own inhibitors thus nullifying their effects. This is huge, not just for those who suffer from muscular dystrophy, but also for potential in other disease treatments.

The technology could also be applied to ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease), Huntington’s Disease and others for which there is no cure but which have a root cause by rogue RNA molecules in their cells. Stay tuned here to Health Tech Weekly for more segments on this in the future as there are more developments in the treatments.


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