Healthy Building Workplace Design Creates Healthier Jobs


??????????????????This week on the Health Tech Weekly Podcast we take a look at what some design experts are doing to improve the health of whole communities. A group of architects and designers in New York city teamed up with the New York Department of Health to come up with ways to improve the health and wellness of people in the city through changing the way healthy buildings and community improvements are set up.

Their goal is to reduce the risk of diseases like diabetes and obesity in the region though thoughtful design decisions when creating buildings. The group is looking at the new body of “inactivity research” that goes against the conventional wisdom that if you just watch your diet and exercise regularly, you’ll stay healthy. Inactivity research says that our level of sedentary lifestyle is not offset by just a little extra exercise.

Constantly sitting while working and not regularly moving around our workspaces is now being equated to be just as bad as smoking or other risky lifestyle choices. The group in New York says that the movement to active design creates buildings and workplaces where movement and mobility is required to interact in the workplace.

With a company’s biggest investment and cost being its employees. In the future, those potential employees will make job decisions based on which workplace is healthiest for them. Employers and workplace designers are starting to pay attention to this trend.


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