More Telemedicine and Digital Connections to Your Healthcare


Midsection Of Shirtless Man And Heartbeat GraphThis week on the Health Tech Weekly Podcast we take another look at how telemedicine is helping to connect patients with their doctors without traveling hundreds of miles for appointments. Patients at Carle Hoopeston Regional Medical Center in Hoopeston, Illinois are now able to connect with their specialists over 50 miles away in Urbana using a telemedicine connection.

Small local hospitals around the country are seeing the same telemedicine improvements where they can get their specialist followup visits via this video phone connection, ask their doctor or nurse questions about their care and do it all relatively close to home. These local hospitals are also using other cutting edge technologies to leverage their community connections.

Carle Hoopeston is also using a smartphone app that patients can access and download. It allows them to connect to see emergency room wait times, followup appointment times and access their health records. All of these advancements are available because of the push to connect patients digitally and the initiatives to drive healthcare costs lower through innovative use of things like telemedicine connections.

Patients and healthcare providers both like the connection using big flatscreen TVs and HD web cameras. Some say it is just like being in the same room as the doctor. Look for technology like this soon in your community that will allow you to meet with your doctors closer to home and avoid traveling long distances and inconvenient trips to distant hospital centers.


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