Vetigel Clots Blood Superfast for Your Pets


This week on the Health Tech Weekly Podcast I have a brand new technology for you that will likely change the way healthcare professionals and emergency responders deal with stopping severe bleeding in just ten seconds. This amazing technology came from an unlikely source when then 17 year-old NYU student Joe Landolina discovered a unique protein gel that when injected into blood, it stops the bleeding quickly and safely.

College Contest Winner Starts Company

Vetigel-Stops-Bleeding-In-Seconds-2Joe won a contest as a college freshman and got the money to startup a new company around his discovery and invention called Suneris. The first application of the blood clotting gel is in the veterinary world with the product called VetiGel which is being tested by 1,000 vets right now.

The technology and discovery came from Joe’s work on a plant derived protein that in its gel form creates an extracellular matrix of proteins and sugars that imitates the cellular matrix of the tissue it’s placed on or in. So put it on skin and it acts like skin, put it on muscle and it acts like muscle, and put it in blood and it forms the clotting matrix of blood attracting fiber and proteins from the blood to its matrix and stopping bleeding fast.

Veterinary Practice First, Then Humans

According to the Suneris site description of VetiGel it is designed exclusively for veterinarians to stop internal and external bleeding. The gel activates blood’s natural clotting process and is made with biocompatible components that can be absorbed directly into the body. By reassembling onto a wound site, VETIGEL mimics the body’s extracellular matrix and accelerates the production of fibrin, which enables the body to clot rapidly.

I’m sure this will migrate to the human treatment world soon so stick around here at for more on this as the news is released in the future and if you know a vet, send them to the website. It might just be the thing that saves your pet’s life someday.


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