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Mayo Clinic Direct to Patient Telemedicine Innovates Care (video)


Mayo Clinic TelemedicineThis week on the Health Tech Weekly Podcast I have a look at a new use for an existing medical technology that may change the face of medical treatment for minor illnesses, aches and pains in the future. The folks at the Mayo Clinic have long been in the business of shaking up the medical treatment paradigm by finding new and innovative ways to manage health and wellness while treating illnesses. They have now implemented a new use for an existing medical technology called telemedicine.

This is where a doctor or nurse at a remote location can interact with healthcare professionals and patients in a different place and give their advice and treatment recommendations remotely. Usually this is confined to the hospital arena where rural hospitals can get the benefit of the expertise of specialists in large urban hospital centers. But the Mayo clinic thought outside the box and decided to experiment with a direct-to-patient model for telemedicine.

In their Austin, Texas offices, employees with a minor ache or pain can visit a telemedicine kiosk in the building called Mayo Connected Care. There is an HD web cam connected to a machine that can take pulse, blood pressure, and temperature. It can measure their height and weight as well as look in their mouth, throat and ears. It is being used for minor treatments just for the Mayo Clinic employees right now but if it’s successful, other companies might start using this technology because employees can get looked at without leaving the office and going to wait in a doctor’s office.

This can improve workplace productivity, health and wellness in so many ways. I look forward to more on the results of this technology in the near future. I’ll make sure to keep you up to date on the advancements in the program here on the Health Tech Weekly podcast!


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