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This week on the show we look at a recent breakthrough in cancer treatment that uses lasers and specially designed photo sensitive nanoparticles to seek out, light up and destroy cancer cells. The researchers at University of California, Riverside have been working with the folks at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center to create a technology that has been used to find and target ovarian cancer cells in the laboratory.

A light show in disco club.They use a special medical imaging technology chemical called indocyanine green that is currently used for everything from determining cardiac output to liver function. Now that special infrared fluorescent dye is being used in the this new laser targeting cancer technology that may well change the way cancer is treated and ultimately cured. The indocyanine dye is special because it allows the deeper cells and structures to be visualized and imaged ultimately allowing those tissues to be targeted when cancer is present.

This technology is still a few years away from being used practically in human treatment but I think this may change the way we zero in on specific types of cancer and zap them with pinpoint targeted laser treatment rather than wasting away the whole body with radiation or chemotherapy. This means that cancer treatment doesn’t have to be worse than the cancer itself which is often the case with current treatment.

Stay tuned here to the Health Tech Weekly podcast for more on this and other cancer treatment breakthroughs in the future. I’ll bring them to you here on the show.


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