Zinger is Powered Wheelchair of the Future (video)


Zinger_lookOn this week’s episode of Health Tech Weekly, I thought I would bring you a look at the powered wheelchair of the future. Enter the Zinger! Now, it’s not currently available but should be in production soon.

The Zinger features super lightweight construction at just 38 pounds and a motor capable of carrying someone for 8 miles at 6 miles per hour. Current motorized wheelchairs are hundreds of pounds that require expensive customized minivans with ramps and lifts.

This high tech wheelchair is light enough and compact enough to fold up into a package that easily fits in the trunk of a car! There are also other exciting features including no side arm rests so that you can pull up to a table or desk to eat or work comfortably. It also steers using left and right hand levers so your can turn on a dime.

The Zinger website says it’s easy to learn and fun to drive this compact lightweight wheelchair. It even has a super slow learning mode for beginners if you’re worried about zooming off too quickly. I’ll stay on top of this new tool for powered chair users and try and let you know when it’s finally available for purchase but in the meantime, you can sign up for more info at ZingerChair.com.


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2 thoughts on “Zinger is Powered Wheelchair of the Future (video)

  1. I am not mobile and my spouse (caregiver) is under a 10 pound weight restriction, She will need a light lift that she can use to load (the Zinger Chair into the back of a vehicle, I currently have a 2010 Toyoto Venza,, which is very much like a station wagon. (1)Is there an accessory for such a lift? (2)Can you suggest where one can be purchased? Thank you, Elmer Branton

    1. I’m not sure of where you could find such an accessory Elmer. You might check with a dealership for the car and see if their maintenance department or fleet manager has any contacts who could help you. Good luck and thanks for checking in to the show!

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