Jscreen Helps Parents With Genetic Testing for Pregnancy (video)


logo-jscreenThe U.S. Food and Drug Administration is stepping up efforts to ensure the reliability of certain diagnostic tests. This is especially important to thousands undergoing genetic testing every year. There’s also a movement towards increased testing to help fight the genetic diseases impacting Americans. Joining us to learn more about those initiatives are Dr. Jessica Spencer and Caroline Gold – whose daughter suffers from a rare genetic disease.

Genetic testing technology is changing the landscape of healthcare in many different ways. One way this is important is to inform couples trying to get pregnant what genetic disorders they may be carrying in their DNA and are at risk for passing on to their children. If both parents carry the same genetic disorder gene, they could pass that on to a child.

Parents in this position may opt to adopt a child or engage in in-vitro fertilization to screen embryos rather than run the risk of a baby having a devastating genetic disease. JScreen.org is a service for people  who are at increased risk for genetic diseases. Originally screening for just diseases associated with people of Jewish descent, they now screen for over 80 diseases for people of any ethnic background.


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