GE Healthcare Vscan Ultrasound

GE Healthcare Vscan Portable Pocket Ultrasound Tool (Video)


GE Healthcare Vscan UltrasoundI got the opportunity to sit down with Ajay Parkhe, General Manager of Primary Care Ultrasound for GE Healthcare to talk about the V-Scan portable ultrasound recently. Check out this tool that could be changing the way your physician or nurse practitioner assesses and manages your care outside of the hospital setting soon.

The V-Scan is a pocket-sized portable touch-screen device that has many of the capabilities of a full sized ultrasound machine at the hospital. The difference is your primary care provider can examine you right away in their office without you having to take extra time off work, make another appointment and then wait even longer to find out what’s wrong with you!

GE Healthcare’s innovative pocket-sized ultrasound features the first of its kind dual probe that houses two transducers in one probe. The Vscan with Dual Probe transforms physical exams to help enable and deepen efficient triage, fast workflow, and helps deepen patient connection. This intuitive device provides a non-invasive look inside the body, with both shallow and deep views, that helps speed diagnostic decisions for a wide range of clinical applications.


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