High Tech Nicotine Patch Changes Doses When You Need It (video)


This week on the Health Tech Weekly show we look at a breakthrough in the war to quit smoking. The folks at Chrono Therapeutics have come up with a way to deliver a targeted dose of nicotine via a smart patch technology so that people can up the nicotine dose when they have the biggest craving to smoke. Standard nicotine patches deliver a constant low dose of nicotine that doesn’t compensate for those times when people are dealing with their biggest nicotine cravings, during times of high stress, or after meals for instance.

SmartStop Nicotine Dosing System

chronodosescienceUsing a dosing reservoir, a tiny micro pump and a drug-metering membrane, they are able to deliver a larger dose based on the setting of the delivery device directly to the surface of the skin where it can be absorbed. The SmartStop device can be worn using an armband similar to those worn to hold iPods for runners, or it can be attached via an adhesive patch. The drug reservoir is replenished with replaceable cartridges and the rest of the device is reusable.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has said that smoking caused 100 million deaths in the 20th century. If current trends continue, totals could rise to a billion deaths in the 21st century. With 1 billion current smokers world-wide new solutions are needed to address the growing death rates from smoking-related diseases.

The smoking epidemic is a serious public health issue with pproximately one person dying every six seconds due to tobacco, accounting for one in 10 adult deaths. Something needs to be done beyond the 40 year-old technology of patches and gum. SmartStop might just be the thing to do it.


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