Technology to Isolate Hospital Rooms With Ebola Virus Patients


This week on Health Tech Weekly I thought I would address the concerns many of you have voiced recently about the way we can protect ourselves from infections like Ebola. This starts with the technology that hospitals like Emory University in Atlanta are using to manage the two Ebola patients there.

Ebola Not As Contagious As You Think

Ebola virusFirst off, the Ebola virus can’t be contracted through casual contact, it requires the exchange of body fluids, usually blood. That said, it is usually 90% fatal and requires some special attention to detail when getting prepared to manage these patients. First off, the simplest technology is often the most effective. This includes hospital staff wearing gloves, a gown, eye protection and a mask to keep fluids away from their skin and mucous membranes.

The hospital rooms themselves are set up to isolate the patient from the rest of the building. The rooms are built with negative airflow pressure. This means that the air pressure from the ventilation system is greater outside of the room so that all air flows in and not out when a door is opened into the patient care areas. The air that ventilates the room is also completely separate from the rest of the hospital, keeping the patients further isolated from the community and the air from the room is scrubbed before it is released outside the hospital.

Monitored Constantly By People

Even the simplest technology needs to be monitored so the hospital room has a human monitor set up outside the staging area to ensure that all people who will enter the room adhere to the strict isolation procedures like putting on the correct protective clothing and wearing it all correctly before they go in to treat the patients. Then all of the disposable gowns and gear from the room will be disposed of through incineration after it leaves the room in sealed containers. So that’s it! That’s how we’ll protect everyone from the Ebola virus  and other infectious diseases now and in the future.


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