JHU Students Create Better Shirt Defibrillator (Video)


jhu-shock-shirt-1This week on Health Tech Weekly I bring you a look at new wearable technology that could save your life or the life of someone you love. Students at Johns Hopkins University’s biomedical engineering program have developed a light-weight, easy to wear shirt that can shock a person’s heart back to a normal rhythm if it detects a life threatening change in the way the heart beats, called an arrhythmia.

This system could be used by patients at risk for a life threatening heart attack and would be a way to protect them before they get an implanted defibrillator inside their chest. There is already a wearable defibrillator on the market but recent studies showed that many of the patients given these devices didn’t wear it because it was bulky and uncomfortable. The students took that as a challenge to create a more user friendly, wearable defibrillator shirt that users would actually tolerate.

Article on Wearable Shirt Defibrillator

jhu-shock-shirt-2This is a common problem with patients with chronic issues that require them to wear or use medical devices to keep them healthy. They don’t comply with the requirements of the device or don’t take their medication because of side effects. So medical researchers and engineers are constantly looking for ways to improve these devices so that patients will be more likely to live with them and use them as intended.

These students at Johns Hopkins University took that challenge to heart, literally, and created a better defibrillator shirt. Tests are currently underway to see if more patients tolerate wearing the newer, lighter shirt around the clock. This will allow more patients to survive the time it takes to get them in to surgery to get an implanted defibrillator permanently put in their chests. Kudos to these bio-engineers!


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