New Light Sensitive Nanoparticles Deliver Meds Efficiently


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Light Triggered Medication Delivery

This week on Health Tech Weekly I bring you a look at a new technology that could revolutionize the way drugs are selectively delivered in the body. Imagine getting an injection once a month that will slowly dose you with a drug all month long. How do you know how much drug you get or need? You dial it in directly with a special “drug releasing” light.

This is what researchers at UC San Diego say they have developed. They developed an inexpensive way to use nano-particles infused with drugs in a water solution that when subjected to near-infrared light (NIR) become selectively permeable. That means that some of the drug leaks out into the surrounding tissues.

More Light, More Medication Delivered

How much drug depends on how long and how intense the infrared light is but you can see the potential to increase or decrease dosing as easily as setting a timer on a light. This could be used to deliver targeted drugs to a particular part of the body or release something slowly to the entire body.

One potential use cited in the article is to embed sunscreen in the polymers and as you get more sunlight, you release more sunscreen to the skin layers. It’s truly amazing and the applications are nearly boundless. I’ll bring you more on this as researchers continue to develop this technology.


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