Tao Wellness Using Isometric Exercise Tracking for Fitness


Tao-Wellness-device-300x222Chris Montera, the Geekymedic attended CES 2014 with the Healthtech Weekly team to cover the Digital Health Pavilion there. While there he covered some of the latest in health and fitness tools and apps and Tao-Wellness is brand new. It’s a portable, mobile electronic device you can actually exercise with. Other fitness devices will enable you to track your steps and various levels of activity but only the Tao-Wellness device gives you a way to see you exercise in real time and track the effectiveness of that exercise.

When you think about how the Tao Wellness tool works, think about Pilates and Isometrics. The team at Tao Wellness calls it Variobics because they’re variable, measured and very active like aerobics. The Tao Wellness tool is a puck-like device that senses the pressure applied and coaches you through the level of exercise and force you put in to each of the various movements. Chris Montera interviews Philo Northrup as he demonstrates a pectoral exercise for the camera. It shows how the accompanying app works on a mobile device (iPad) coaching him through the form of the motion and pressure.

The patented Ta0-Wellness shell is a mobile gym and trainer that goes where you go, so you can exercise anywhere, anytime. It monitors your progress, then displays your fitness data (steps, miles, aerobic exercise, nutrition, sleep, etc.) and rewards your achievements.


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