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Blackout Buddy from Eton Gives Emergency Light and Protection


blackout buddy flashlight co detectorWhat if the power’s out at your home at night. Now what are you going to do? With the Blackout Buddy CO from Eton, you’ll have a rechargeable flashlight that will not only help you through the power outage but keep you safe at the same time.

Health Tech Weekly host Jamie Davis, the Podmedic went to the International CES conference this past January to find the latest in digital health technology for your home. Skip Orvis from chatted with Jamie at the CES Unveiled event. The brand new Blackout Buddy CO is an update of the previous Blackout Buddy emergency flashlight for your home. The new device is not just comes on automatically when the power goes out or provides a rechargeable night light for you the rest of the time, it also incorporates a carbon monoxide detector and alarm, too.

There are more and more specialized household safety devices on the market now that give you multiple tools to keep you safer. The Blackout Buddy doubles as an LED nightlight, so you can keep your kid’s rooms, hallways, or office illuminated during normal power cycles at night and when the lights are turned off.

Plus, with the dangers of carbon monoxide (CO), a colorless, odorless and poisonous gas that can be a silent killer when people are using generators during long power outages, the Blackout Buddy CO doubles now as a true life saving device.

The Blackout Buddy CO is coming out this summer in time for the tropical storm and hurricane season on the East Coast. It will retail for $59.95. It would make a perfect addition to your family’s emergency or disaster preparedness kit. You can get the regular Blackout Buddy now, too over at Amazon. It makes a great gift.

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