nest protect smoke and CO alarm

Nest Protect Brings New Twist to Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm


nest protect smoke and CO alarmThe folks at Nest, known for their groundbreaking interactive thermostat and mobile device app for controlling your home heating and air-conditioning now brings you a new device called the Nest Protect. This new entry into the home smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector marketplace brings the same easy connectivity and innovative operational features we’ve come to expect from the gang at Nest. It works with the existing Nest Home app and when your alarm is activated it will send you an alert and tell you what kind of emergency is detected.

Nest believes that “Safety shouldn’t be annoying.” When the Nest detects an emergency, it speaks aloud the type of emergency as well as sounding an audible tone and flashing colored light. If the problem is that you just burned something on the stove, no problem. No need to open all the windows and doors, swing towels or get up on shaky chairs. You can now just silence the alert from the nest with a wave of your hand.

Also, no more annoying low battery chirps that keep you up. The typical annoying battery-low chirps of other smoke detectors is a thing of the past. Nest Protect will send a message to your smartphone if the alarm goes off or if the batteries need replacing. Get the Nest Protect here at Amazon and upgrade the safety of your home with this smart device.

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