Lumo lift posture activity tracker

Improving Your Posture and Track Your Activity With Lumo Lift


Lumo lift posture activity trackerWhile at the International CES show in Las Vegas back in January, Health Tech Weekly host Jamie Davis, the Podmedic attended many special events including the Digital Experience to get a look at the latest digital health devices.  At the Lumo booth Jamie checked out the Lumo Lift which is the second posture and back health improving product from the folks at Lumo.

The Lumo Lift is a wearable fitness device that not only tracks your activity, steps and other health items, it also maintains a record of your upper body posture as well. As humans we spent a lot of time evolving to be mobile creatures that walk upright and our posture can have a lot to do with how well we breath and other health aspects. Now that we spend a lot of time sitting and standing immobile it is increasingly important for us to monitor our body position as well as our activity levels. The Lumo Lift works with a mobile app to help remind us to use proper posture which actually uses less energy and keeps us healthier.

The Lumo Lift is really small and attaches to your clothing using a magnetic clasp which can be attached to an item of underwear like a t-shirt or bra. It’s also attractive and small enough to worn unobtrusively on your outer clothing to announce your fitness awareness to the world. The Lumo Lift is going to be available in late spring 2014 and is you can pre-order it at their website, for $69. The Lumo Lift will retail for $99 in stores later this year. Get yourself the Lumo Lift now while pre-order supplies last!

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