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Acton Foldup M-Scooter Gives Urban Electric Commuting a Boost


Acton motor scooter CESHealth Tech Weekly guest host Chris Montera, the Geekymedic, checks out the new M-Scooter from while roaming the halls at the International CES show back in January. The M-Scooter is a portable, folding motorized scooter that was designed to provide city dwellers and employees of businesses with large campuses a way to get around quickly and efficiently. It is designed to easily convert from sitting or standing positions so the driver can ride however they want.

This innovative motorized scooter is called “super-foldable” so that urban travelers can use and store it easily wherever they go. The Acton M-Scooter’s motor has a 15 mile range. The designers say it is perfect for that “last mile” commuting. So travelers and commuters can use it to get from the parking garage to work.

The Acton M-Scooter doesn’t weigh very much at all when you consider its capabilities. It weighs in at under 70 pounds and can haul around a person who weighs up to 300 pounds or about 150 kilos. The electric scooter has a fast charge mode that can be recharged in as little as 2 hours or for a complete top off in 4 hours in standard charge mode.

The Acton M-Scooter is super stable with three wheels for a solid base that doesn’t require superior balancing skills on the part of the rider. It will be available for purchase now on the website for $1799. The M-Scooter is in a class by itself and may be the perfect mobility tool for an urban traveler you know.

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