Scanadu Scout Bring Star Trek Medical Tech to You Today


scanadu_scoutStar Trek medical technology ready for you today! That’s right, the brand new Scanadu Scout vital sign sensor tracks 5 key vital signs just by holding it up to your forehead. At the International CES show earlier this year in Las Vegas, Health Tech Weekly host Jamie Davis, the Podmedic chatted with Sam at the Scanadu booth about the Scanadu Scout health scanner. It communicates via bluetooth to a special smart phone app, sending your temperature, heart rate, SpO2 (oxygenation) level, blood pressure and heart ECG in just 10 seconds.

You can set up profiles in the app for all of your family members and track their health, check them out when they’re sick and more using your smartphone! The Scanadu Scout is an important tool and the data collected can be used by you to communicate information to your doctor you would ordinarily have to go into the office or emergency room to collect.

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