Masimo iSpO2 New Consumer Health Tech (Video)


ispo2_amazonThose of you who follow my healthcare professional shows know Masimo very well. This is one of their first ventures into the consumer marketplace. It’s a pulse oximeter for monitoring at home. Hi, Jamie Davis here at CES Unveiled with Max from Masimo and he’s here to tell us about the iSpO2.

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Track Blood Oxygenation

This is Masimo’s first consumer product. It’s called “iSpO2.” It’s currently for sale at and for $249.00. Basically, when you put it on your finger, the very first thing you see on the bottom is your pleth waveform. It starts immediately showing you your perfusion index, your pulse rate and your oxygen saturation level.

With this product, you can track and trend your performance, your data. You can send it to your clinician. You can see your progress. We think everyone should have one. If you are a mountain climber, you should definitely have one. You don’t want to climb too fast and not let your body get acclimated. If you’re a pilot, you might want to have one. If you’re a fitness buff, and you are into interval training, you want to tune your body and measure your oxygen level, et cetera. You ought to have one.

Masimo Technology Inside iSpO2

Masimo has been a leader in innovation especially reading through low perfusion and through motion. When people are in distress, their hands shakes, they’re in pain. When people have low perfusion in their extremities, it’s very difficult to get an accurate reading.

Masimo has been basically the first company to solve that problem. This problem solving design is called signal extraction technology. All of that is in the pillbox built into the iSpO2 cable between the sensor and your smartphone. The consumer gets a lot of technology for $249.00 and a lot of consumer health technology history here for $249.00.


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