FitBit One Monitors Fitness Around the Clock (Video)


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Monitor Fitness Around the Clock

Fitbit-quarterA few weeks ago I covered the misfit shine fitness monitor. This week, I look at the Fitbit One wireless fitness and sleep monitor. Yep, I said sleep monitor. The Fitbit One purports to not only monitor you daily activity but it also will monitor you sleep quality, provided you clip it onto your PJs when you hop in to bed at night.

The device will monitor steps taken, distance traveled, stairs climbed, calories burned and for your sleep schedule, hours and quality of sleep. Now it doesn’t measure water based activity like the misfit shine monitor covered previously but the Shine doesn’t measure sleep quality so if you’re not a big swimmer, you’re ahead of the game.

When you’re sleeping, the fitbit one measures your activity at night including the number of times you stir in your sleep and hours of sleep to give a sleep quality score. According to their website, the fitbit one’s data can be used over time to improve your sleep score by applying what is learned to improve your sleep habits. It’s kind of vague on this but any information on sleep habits is probably helpful for the average person.

Wakes You Up Before You Go-Go

The FitBit One will even wake you in the morning at a prearranged time with a gentle vibration that will not wake any bed partners. Handy for those seeking a silent escape or dealing with a cranky spouse. It syncs with either your computer or a host of mobile devices like the iPhone or iPad via a FitBit app and your free account on the website. The Fitbit One is available for $99 from most online and big box retailers. Visit the Health Tech website and the show notes for this episode for a link directly to Amazon for their best prices right now.

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I’m your host Jamie Davis, the Podmedic. I’ll be back soon with more health technology for you. In the meantime, remember that improving health takes small, simple steps that over time all add up to a healthier you. Why don’t you take a healthier step today?


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