Saliva Monitor for Diabetes Blood Glucose (Video)


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New Diabetes Monitor Technology

glucose saliva monitorOn the show his week in Health Tech I look at what many consider the holy grail for diabetes glucose monitoring, a non-invasive way to check blood sugar. By non-invasive, I mean a way to check blood sugar without pricking their finger or otherwise drawing blood.

Many options have been proposed and are under testing or research at this time including monitoring sweat, tears, and saliva. Having to draw blood 3 or 4 times a day just to manage your diabetes is a big reason many health professionals have seen that people are not good at managing their disease. Scientists at the Endocrinology and Metabolism Research Institute of Tehran University have released version 3 of their saliva testing device that seems to have overcome many of the primary problems with using saliva as a blood sugar monitoring medium, among them is the sensitivity needed to read and measure the minuscule amounts of glucose or sugar in saliva when compared to blood.

The latest version of the saliva testing device is dubbed as the final version and is in final stages of testing. This could be released to the world marketplace for testing very soon. This is hugely important in the health tech arena as 25.8 million americans are affected by diabetes a number that equals over 8.3% of the population. Seven million of them are considered undiagnosed or untreated diabetics.

Diabetes Epidemic Major Cause of Disease

Diabetes is the leading cause of kidney failure and a major cause of heart disease and stroke in the U.S. according to the CDC fact sheet on Diabetes. Anything that will improve testing of individuals for blood sugar levels and helps people manage their disease more effectively is a big deal indeed! The marketplace for new technology for managing diabetes is large and with direct medical costs for diabetes in the U.S. nearing $120 billion dollars a year a new management tool like this will be a big deal. Look for more segments on the technology and gadgets surround diabetes management in the future here on Health Tech Weekly as I continue to monitor this nationwide issue and the gadgets and apps that help to manage it.

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