Monthly Archives: January 2013

Masimo iSpO2 New Consumer Health Tech (Video)


Those of you who follow my healthcare professional shows know Masimo very well. This is one of their first ventures into the consumer marketplace. It’s a pulse oximeter for monitoring at home. Hi, Jamie Davis here at CES Unveiled with Max from Masimo and he’s here to tell us about the iSpO2.

HIV Medication Delivery Via Contraceptive Mesh (Video)


This week on Health Tech Weekly, I take a look at new ways medications are being delivered. Medication delivery devices are coming to a bunch of strange places including the bedroom. Researchers at the University of Washington are using electrospun fabrics to embed medicines into female condoms.

LifeProof Tactical Case

LifeProof Protects Mobile Devices in Healthcare Settings (Video)


You’re bleeding all over your nurse’s iPad but it’s not a problem because she’s got a LifeProof case on that mobile device. Join Health Tech Weekly host Jamie Davis, the Podmedic as he chats with LifeProof CEO Gary Rayner in their booth at CES 2013 last week.

FitBit One Monitors Fitness Around the Clock (Video)


A few weeks ago I covered the misfit shine fitness monitor. This week, I look at the Fitbit One wireless fitness and sleep monitor. Yep, I said sleep monitor. The Fitbit One purports to not only monitor you daily activity but it also will monitor you sleep quality, provided you clip it onto your PJs when you hop in to bed at night.

Saliva Monitor for Diabetes Blood Glucose (Video)


On the show his week in Health Tech I look at what many consider the holy grail for diabetes glucose monitoring, a non-invasive way to check blood sugar. By non-invasive, I mean a way to check blood sugar without pricking their finger or otherwise drawing blood.